Connect Multiplier to Azure AD

In order to connect Multiplier with Azure AD, follow the instructions below:

Register app in Azure AD

1. Login to the Azure portal and search for "Azure Active Directory". 

On the active directory page in the left side panel, select App Registrations.

2. Then click on New registration

3. Enter a name (e.g. Multiplier Jira integration) and click on Register.

4. Navigate to  Certificates & secrets from the left menu

5. Click on New client secret

6. Add a description and set the Expiry to 24 months. 

7. Note the client secret that was just generated, and store it as this will be needed to connect your Jira instance to Azure AD. 

Please ensure that you copy and save this key since it will not be visible once you leave this page.

Grant API permissions

1. Navigate back to the app that you created in the previous step, and Click on API Permissions in the left side panel.

2. Click on Add a permission

3. Click on Microsoft Graph and select 'Application permissions'. Search for and select the permissions mentioned below:

  • Application.ReadWrite.All
  • User.ReadWrite.All
  • Group.ReadWrite.All
  • Organization.Read.All
  • Directory.ReadWrite.All 

4. Lastly, Make sure you click on “Grant Admin Consent for Default Directory”.  The configured permissions should resemble the screen

5. Along with the client secret we generated earlier, make sure you copy the Application ID and Directory ID from the app's homepage. 

Setup in Jira Cloud

1. Once you have the API key copied, navigate to your Jira instance, and navigate to Apps > Manage Apps.

2. You should see Multiplier listed there. Click on Configure to go to the configuration settings.

3. Click on Azure AD, and then enter the information that you just copied from Azure AD:

  1. Directory ID
  2. Application ID
  3. Client Secret

4. Configure which user groups can see the app.

To perform operations in Azure AD, navigate to an issue, and click on the Open Multiplier link in the sidebar. 

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