Trigger Azure AD actions from Jira Service Management

Multiplier's Azure AD integration enables you to automate the following actions from a Jira Service Management request:

  • Create user
  • Assign user manager
  • Enable user
  • Disable user
  • Update user profile
  • Logout user
  • Add user to groups
  • Remove user from groups


Here's an example of using Azure AD actions to add a user to a group using Multiplier.

1. Navigate to the workflows screen, and Edit the workflow that maps to the request type you're using to capture this request.

2. Select the Issue create transition, and add the Multiplier trigger action post function.

3. Select Add User to Group as the action, and map the user by selecting the Reporter's email field and applying the Get ID from email transformation. Similarly, map the group either to a field or select from a list of groups from Azure AD.

4. Click on Add and then publish your workflow to save the changes. 

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