Configuring a 2 Step Approval Process in Jira Service Management

This document outlines a simplified approach to accomplish a multi-step/multiple approval workflow for an access request submitted via Multiplier.

This approach populates the approver field in your JSM workflow with all the people that need to submit their approval decision before the request is considered approved.

Step 1

Add all the approvers that you require approval from in the App's settings in Multiplier.

In this example, when a user requests Editor access to Figma, the approvers field in JSM will be populated with the user's manager and the application owner for Figma.

Step 2

Edit the workflow associated with the issue type for your access requests (via Jira Settings > Issues > Workflows), and click on the status that represents the approval stage.

Enable the option to Include approval step.

On the next screen, set the option for Number of approvers to Everyone.

This will now add all the relevant approvers for the given request into the Approvers field, and the request will require every approver to submit their approval before the request is considered approved.

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