Integrate with Okta

Multiplier helps you to connect your Jira Service Management instance to Okta. This is useful for streamlining operations that are triggered by the creation of a Jira ticket, such as:

Setup in Okta

This connection requires an API Key. 

We recommend you create a dedicated Okta user. 

To do this, use the Okta Admin Console to create a new user, and then give the user the following administrative permissions:

  • Application Administrator
  • Group Administrator
  • Group Membership Administrator
  • Read Only Administrator
  • Report Administrator

Once the user is created, you will need to sign in as this user to create an API token for them by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Security in the left menu
  2. Select API from the list of options
  3. On the API page click on Tokens

On the Tokens page, click on Create Token, and give the token a name you'll remember - we used Multiplier actions.

Copy the API Key to your Clipboard and when you've copied the API key, choose Ok got it

Setup in Jira Cloud

Make sure you have enabled Browse Users and Groups permissions enabled for 'jira-servicemanagement-users' in

Once you have the API key copied, navigate to your Jira instance, and navigate to Apps > Manage Apps.

You should see Multiplier listed there. Click on Configure, and you should see the screen below.

Click on Connect to Okta, and then enter the information below:

  1. Enter your Okta Domain URL
  2. Paste the API Key which you copied from Okta

If the details were entered correctly, you should see the configuration screen refresh with the success message shown below.

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