Multiplier for Slack

Note: Multiplier for Jira Cloud is required to use Multiplier's app for Slack.

With Multiplier's app for Slack, users can submit access requests and answer approvals without navigating to the Jira Service Management portal. 

Installing and Linking Multiplier for Slack

1. Click on this link to install Multiplier's app for Slack.

2. Click Allow to grant Multiplier access to your Slack workspace. You might be prompted to login to Slack to see this screen.

⚠️ If the user who authenticated the Slack app deactivates their account, the OAuth token will expire. To avoid this, it is advisable to create a separate Multiplier user to grant access.

3. You will be redirected to Multiplier's app for Slack. Click Open Slack to continue.

4. You will now see Multiplier in your list of Apps on the sidebar. Click on Multiplier and then click on the Open Home tab button.

5. On the Home tab, click on the Connect Jira button.

5. You'll be redirected to a login prompt for Atlassian. If you have multiple Atlassian sites, you will see a dropdown to choose an account. Make sure to choose the correct Atlassian site you have Multiplier installed on.

6. Finally, back in Multiplier's app for Slack, select the same site you chose in the above step to complete the installation.

Requesting access in Slack

Users can request access to apps and resources through the /request command or through the app's home tab. 

See the loom video below for a quick product demo:

Privacy Policy

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