Integrate Multiplier with Jumpcloud

Multiplier's integration with Jumpcloud lets IT teams perform automate identity and access management workflows. 

This integration allows customers to trigger actions in Jumpcloud from JSM, helping automate the fulfillment of common help desk requests, such as:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding requests
  • Application access requests
  • Password and MFA resets
  • Group assignment

Setup in Jumpcloud

This connection requires an API Key. A Jumpcloud admin will need to retrieve their API Key by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log into the JumpCloud Admin Console.
  2. Go to the username drop down located in the top-right of the Console.
  3. Retrieve your API key from API Settings.

Setup in Jira Cloud

Once you have the API key copied, navigate to your Jira instance, and navigate to Apps > Manage Apps.

You should see Multiplier listed there. Click on Configure, and click on the Jumpcloud logo. 

You will see a modal where you can paste the API key that you copied in the previous step:

Once you've done that, you will also need to specify which user groups in Jira should have access to the issue panel, and other features. If you don't see the group picker field being populated with options, you will need to manually enter in the name of the group (this is usually something like site-administrators, or service-desk-users)


To trigger actions in Jumpcloud, navigate to an Issue, and click on the  Open Multiplier link in the sidebar. 


Here's an example of using Okta actions to grant group access to a user using Multiplier.

By default when you open the Multiplier panel, we will reveal details of the user that submitted the request. 

From here, you can switch to the Groups tab to modify which Jumpcloud groups the user should have access to. 

Now, once you've got this working, hop on over to Automating group assignment in Jumpcloud from Jira to learn how you can automate group assignment instead of having to manually assign it through the issue. 

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