Create an access review campaign

With Multiplier's Access Review feature, you can transform your existing access review process from a disjoined workflow across spreadsheets, tickets and applications to a unified platform for teams to oversee and control user access, all within Jira.

Step 1: Create an access review campaign

  1. In the navigation panel, click Access Reviews. A list of all campaigns created by your organization is shown. Once your new campaign is created, it will be added to this list.
  2. Click New Review.
  3. Fill out the form, providing the following information:
    • Name: This name will be displayed to reviewers and shown in the campaign list view.
    • Applications: This is the list of apps/resources included in the scope of review. This list only includes apps that are set to the "Approved" status.
    • Start Date: The scheduled start date for the campaign.
    • End Date: The scheduled end date for the campaign. Reviewers will be asked to submit their responses before this date.
    • Reviewer: Select the default reviewer for the apps in scope for review. You can override/edit this before launching the campaign.
  4. Click Create Access Review

Step 2: Prepare and start your campaign

  1. Click on the campaign that you created in the previous step.
  2. Review the draft campaign’s details. Make any changes if necessary, such as assigning missing reviewers or overriding any existing reviewers.
  3. If there are any apps with no users found, you can upload them manually via a spreadsheet.
  4. Click on Start Campaign once you're ready to notify the reviewers.

That’s it! Your access review campaign is now underway.

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