How to automatically add a user to an Okta group from Jira

Are you looking to automate your application access requests? You no longer have to follow the steps below. We have a new feature to automate group assignment and provide a self service experience.

A typical use case that requires manual effort and context switching between multiple systems is adding someone to an Okta group. 

Multiplier uses Jira's post functions to automate adding or removing a user from a group. Learn more about post functions in Atlassian's documentation.

Follow the steps below to automate group assignment:

1. Navigate to the Jira workflow that is associated with the request type responsible for managing the group assignment requests. Click Edit workflow.

2. Select the transition for which you'd like to trigger the post function. In the example below, we want it to trigger when a request is Approved. Click on Post Functions and Add Post Function.

3. Select 'Multiplier: Trigger Action' and click on Add.

4. On the following screen, select Add user to Group as the action, and map the two required input fields - the User ID and the Group ID.

As an example, the User ID can be determined from the Reporter's email, and the group ID can come from a dynamically inserted group picker field from Okta, using our Portal Fields feature.

  1. Click on Add and then on the next screen click on Publish draft to publish your workflow.

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