Using Portal Fields to insert external data in your Jira forms

Portal Fields are dynamic form fields that you can insert into Request Types. This can be used to fetch data from your connected providers.

For example, in larger organizations, employees often need to be added to a Google Group. 

Using Portal Fields, you can add a list of Google groups to a Jira Service Management request. You can then pass their values into Multiplier's post functions to automate group assignment. 

Creating a portal field

1. From the Manage Apps screen, click on Portal Fields in the Multiplier menu.

2. Click on New Portal Field

Configuring a portal field

1. Give your field a name that will be visible to end users on the request form. 

2. We will automatically populate an internal name that you can reference via smart values.

3. Select whether the field is required or optional.

4. Select the source – this is where you configure which values to display in your field. The supported options vary based on the integrations connected to Multiplier. 

Okta, Azure AD and Jumpcloud –  Users, Groups

Atlassian – Issue Fields, Groups, Roles, Projects

Google Workspace – Users, Groups, Folders, Files

5. Select the Request Types to which you want to add this field.

You can now use this field as an input when configuring the Trigger action post function.

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